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Order Cancellation & Refund Policies


Although the above recipes do not contain peanuts or almonds, those with sensitivities to GLUTEN, DAIRY, EGG, SOY, FOOD COLORING, & PEANUTS (ingredients are processed in shared facilities) should not consume this product. All products of this service are not for resale and processed and prepared without state inspection.

Please text (832) 422-9391. or use our contact form with any questions


Orders are received on a first-come, first-serve basis. Pricing is determined by the time, materials, creative detail, labor, additional packaging, and/or delivery fees. A minimum order of 1 dozen (12 cake pops) is required. Kabsykreations is a small business, with limited availability. It is important for every order to receive special attention in a timely manner. Please book mindfully.

For planning and quality purposes, orders should be booked 2-4 weeks in advance.

Larger quantity requests of at least 8-10 DOZEN, and depending on detail (corporate, events, weddings, etc.) need to be booked at least 2 months or more in advance (rush fees may apply for accommodations, especially during peak seasons) to adjust the calendar for smaller local orders accordingly.

KabsyKreations' availability can be found on social media updates. In consideration for your time, a message or text to (832) 422-9391 is recommended to check on your date before completing the order form.

Orders less than $100 must be paid for in full at the time of the request via PayPal, or Zelle(if applicable). Cash is also an acceptable form of payment if you are within the area or a repeat customer.

Any orders of $100 or more (such as for larger events), require a non-refundable 50% retainer. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before pickup/delivery. PayPal and cash are accepted. No checks, please.


Payment is due upon placing your order, unless specified otherwise (see due date on the invoice received), to secure your time slot if the amount is under $100 ($100+ allows for a 50% non-refundable retainer).

A PayPal account is not required to make your payment, and you do not need to save your credit card information, as it is a one-time submission unless you specify otherwise. All information that you provide is private and secure. PayPal has policies in place that protect both the buyer and seller and above all, this is the best way for KabsyKreations to prepare and keep records of transactions.

For more information, please see:…/web…/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security

Also, with any service, payment reassures your provider that you are serious about your request. Kabsykreations allots not only time but supplies needed to make you a priority!


A retainer is made to ensure that the event date and required supplies for orders is secured, and is non-refundable. The retainer also covers design research and time planning the order. This way, every order is guaranteed the proper amount of attention required, due to the hand-crafted nature of KabsyKreations.

At times, additional product usage, design research, tastings, and correspondence with venues or coordinators may be needed for your order. For these reasons, we are unable to refund retainers at any time. Thank you for understanding!

A consultation fee may apply in addition to your order amount.

Delivery fees may apply to your order as follows:

-Within 3 miles = FREE

- “Meeting Halfway” within 5-10 miles = $20

-Local Deliveries = $25 – $50

-Saturday Deliveries = $60

-Orders of $400 or more = FREE within 10 miles.

-Any delivery routes including peak traffic times/tunnels/tolls = fees may vary.

Sunday deliveries are $80+ (Distance depending), due to operation outside of business hours.


Pickup days are typically on Fridays unless your order is due during the week.

Your pickup time will be scheduled in advance. Saturday pickup and delivery times will be scheduled. A courtesy text is required en route and upon arrival to (832) 422-9391.

 All pickups are scheduled in advance.

Please be courteous in understanding that a lot of time goes into cake pop and treat orders and that it is very labor-intensive. Punctuality is greatly appreciated when picking up your order from a home-based location, which may limit KabsyKreations’ schedule, privacy, as well as time slots allotted for customer traffic.

In addition, notice via mobile communication prior to pick up is REQUIRED as common courtesy to ensure privacy and limited traffic at the home-based location.

Pickups are granted a 5-10-minute window, depending, of time past the scheduled arrangement. Kabsykreations cannot guarantee time or quality should the arrangement go unfulfilled. If a pickup exceeds the 10-minute window, Kabsykreations reserves the right to allot time and product pickup elsewhere and, again, is not responsible for the quality of the order after the appointed time is exceeded. You will be contacted with an update for pickup at the partner location.

"By purchasing our product you understand and agree to that there are no modifications or refunds and you agree to pickup at your scheduled time, which is scheduled in advance."

Late Pickup Penalty:

Late pickups will incur a $10 fee starting at 10 minutes over the scheduled time, plus a $1 per additional minute. Please give notice 15 minutes BEFORE your pick up time (not at your pickup time) if you will be running late. The order will not be released until late fee is paid.

With time in mind, please understand also that any last-minute requests will be fulfilled with the available supplies (and cake flavors) on hand, for a lack of ample time to prepare. Any orders with a short turnaround within the week are subject to late fees (depending on the time and size of the order) due to the needed adjustments.

For any orders requiring unavailable supplies that must be rush-shipped in less than 7 days, the customer is responsible for those charges.

Any due invoices that are canceled after a 24 – 48-hour notice and reinstated 1-2 days later are subject also to incur a $20 late fee to cover baker’s transportation expenses.


In any event, should you need to cancel an order that has been booked in advance, please provide notice within 96 hours (4 full days) for orders of 2 dozen or less, and at least 3 weeks’ notice for 3+ dozen. Disclaimer: Order volume may affect cancellations and they cannot always be guaranteed, especially depending on the personalized nature of the order.  While we understand that things happen, we cannot guarantee a refund due to labor and product costs once the order has been started/ completed.

Completed and canceled orders are sold by clearance. If and only when the order is re-sold, you can be refunded a partial amount as STORE CREDIT as a case by case basis.

All cancellations are handled as follows:

If a cancellation is requested 1 month prior to the order date, 75% of your order retainer (for orders of $150 or more) will be returned to you as STORE CREDIT for custom future orders only, via email receipt. This is valid for one year starting from the date of cancellation.(NO PayPal refunds)

If cancellation is requested within 7 full days before the deadline date (for orders of less than $150), you will receive a 50% STORE CREDIT via email receipt, valid for one year starting from the date of cancellation.(NO PayPal refunds)

*****For larger orders, if a cancellation is made within a week before your event date, there may be no store credits given and Kabsykreations reserves the right to refuse services to you in the future.*****


Courses of action for other circumstances may be considered on a case by case basis.


Should you need to postpone, change your date, or rearrange a pickup/delivery time, please notify via email ( or text (832) 422-9391 immediately. We cannot guarantee your new date, although we will make our best effort to do so!

If appropriate notice is given and we cannot accommodate your new date, you will be 75% of your deposit back as store credit if the order has been previously paid for in FULL. (No refunds)

If notice is given in less than 72 hours, no partial credit will be given if we cannot accommodate the change, with no exceptions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If a design or cake flavor change is requested and the work order is already in progress, Kabsykreations cannot accommodate it, and no partial credit or refunds will be given. Sorry, there are no exceptions!


Attention to detail is essential throughout the baking and design process. We take pride in making sure that what you receive is a finished product; properly made, stored, packaged, and transported to you.

Please note that Kabsykreations is NOT LIABLE for any damages or occurrences after pick up or delivery. Once the order has reached its destination, it is considered “Accepted” by the receiving party. Keep in mind that variety in temperatures, humidity or light may impact the flavor, texture, or overall quality of the design to some degree due to the ingredients used.

Please understand that at times this may be out of our control. Storage instructions are given at the time in which the client receives their order.

*Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for information on food allergies, expiration, proper storage, and display. *

**Cake flavor, texture, and design are subjective. No refunds will be given in any circumstance for the aforementioned. **

If for some reason our product has been determined by our honest discretion to have not met our standards, we will do our best to correct it.

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